States as List does not allow comparing

I have a State which is a list of Strings. There seems to be a bug when using it in a Repeating Group., both when trying to plus and minus an item. I wanted to add the content of an input field in the RG cell, but that did not show up in the list of selectable objects, until I first entered som manual text. When I did and clicked the manually entered text the list contained my input field:

Then when trying to access the list in a Conditional i can’t get access to the input field, even after first entering something manually.

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I for now solved this with a workaround, using another Input field in the RG cell getting the complete list as an initial value. Then I check if this new Input field contains the first Input field.

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Working theory, haven’t had the occasion to test this…

If the list is based on database values, I don’t think that you would want to use an input. An input is not capable of storing a database record (only a representation of it - ie. a unique ID, but not the record itself. Only things like text strings, numbers, etc.).

So, the minus item is likely turning your “list” into something that can no longer be evaluated alongside another list.

Try removing the “minus item” part and see what happens.

The data is Strings, so it’s working. :slight_smile:

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