Static variables across the app?

Hi, I’ve searched a while and even under plugins for this problem to solve:

I wonder what’s the best way of storing and using static values? Like the static choices from a dropdown menu that I use 5 times within the app? The problem is, that if i want to change something, I need to edit it at many places. Also, the default Value can’t be binded to, so when I want to change the labels, I need to change those too.

Next example:
Think of a field status (text) which contains values to differentiate between them, like “active”, “not active”, “invoice received”, “invoice paid”.

If I want to filter, I need to hard code/ write these status texts and can’t use “dynamic inputs”.

One workaround could be a new data type but I want to know whether there are nicer ways to do it.

Hope its understandable!

Have a look at option sets

Thanks, seems like what I’ve searched for.
Using bubble quite some hours now but never contacted with it :smiley:

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