Statistics tracker for mobile app

I’m building my first application to track my own efficiency in different parts of life

In theory, the application should display stats of different type of tasks like Job tasks, sport tasks etc.

In general, it’s a to-do list where I choose a type of activity and based on the type of task, I enter different information (different parameters for different types).

Then, I want to display a statistics for each type of activity.

For example:

This month you’ve done 35 Job-tasks, it’s takes 1.5 hours average

So I’ve made a consolidated database where there are columns(special parameters) for each type. And I’ve faced the problem of the logical formulation of the formula parameters for counting.


*Here I tried to display the number of tasks with the type “Job”. It doesn’t work :frowning:

Maybe you know appropriate plugins or share a video on this topic?