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Hey all.

I have built an app to record steps taken in a month with a simple newsfeed.

Users set a step goal and can add steps for each day of the month, this is recorded as TOTAL STEPS in the Database.

In the newsfeed I would like a system-generated message when they reach 50% of their step goal. Is this possible?

Many thanks

Hi there, @toff… it sounds like what you are trying to do should be pretty straightforward. In the workflow where the total steps are saved, have another workflow step that generates the system message in the newsfeed only when the total steps is greater than 50% of the step goal for the month (which I assume is also saved to the database).

I know that’s not a very specific suggestion, but you haven’t provided much info. If that suggestion doesn’t help, consider providing more details (with screenshots), and I’m sure someone will be able to help you get down a good path.


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Hi Mike,

Perfect, thank you. Yes that is exactly what I am trying to do, and how I tried to do it.
How, in a workflow do I calculate if it is greater than 50%?


Well, this is where more details about your setup would help, but let’s say you have a total steps field and a monthly goal field on the User data type (you likely wouldn’t have those fields on the User data type, but again, you aren’t providing any details). With those fields in place, and assuming you are saving the total steps in step 1 of the workflow, the Only when condition on the workflow step that generates the system message would be Result of step 1's total steps / Current User's monthly goal * 100 > 50.

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Legend, thank you soo much! I was getting a little tied up in the correct syntax for calculating this, but this is 100% what I needed.

All the best!

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