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Step through form

I want to create a Google form like experience using bubble and I’m curious about the principles I should have in my back pocket through creating this type of project.

Does bubble have built in form capabilities?

Absolutely! You can surely do this type of thing. Do some forum searching and you’ll find lots of hints and examples probably too


I built an MVP that relies on a dynamic form builder to perform quality audits:

Intricate to explain but doable in Bubble as @jared.gibb suggested :+1:t2:


Are there any plug-ins that anybody is using? I am thinking about directing people to a new page every time they hit next or using some sort of conditional logic that all display a group of elements together

You could do that but it slows stuff down.

Do the lessons. Hidden groups and states will be your friend.

If you’re interested in coaching, I can help you out in a 1-on-1 but what you’re asking is pretty straightforward.

Check out the “tab” element from bubble to see what I mean by hidden groups

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Here’s another survey builder template.



@edtyli9 swooping in with the assist :raised_hands:

Nice template and thanks for sharing!! :pray:

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Don’t do that it will cause the page to be loaded each time causing some time lag.

That is the correct approach. The conditional logic could be using dynamic expressions that refer to either a URL parameter value or a custom state value. Remember that custom state values are temporary and as soon as a page is refreshed they are lost; because of that I use URL parameters.

You can use the Go to Page workflow action to change URL parameters to indicate the current step the user is on. When using this approach you can also enable a user to click onto a ‘tracker’ of some sort to click and go directly to a previous section to make changes, or when you show a preview of the results they can click to make the edits before saving instead of needing to use back and next buttons to find the correct section.

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Very doable in Bubble :+1:t2:

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