Steps for app: choose 2 depends on choose 1 and so one

I’m making an app, there are images instead of inputs, and I need few steps for user to save info about his animal: choose type of animal, then color. For example if he choose dog image in first step - he see images with dogs in second step (images from option sets), then he choose dog color and without “save” button it records to database. No problem with first step.
The problem is - I don’t know how to make dependencies from first step on second step. But there could be more steps and every next depends from previous. Now it looks like this, but doeasn’t work:

Also selected cell should be stay selected after refresh the page, but it doesn’t. I tried to make workflow like this, but it’s wrong.

a custom state is a temporary info saved to the user browser so every time you refresh the page the info get cancelled that’s why on refreshing the page there are not selected item about your first problem is not easy to understand what you are doing with this screen shoot could you tell me what kind of data are you using for those option and where do you store all this info like database or option set?

Ok, may be there is some way to select it when page is loaded using info from database?

There is toy created for user automatically when he signs up, and some fields for toy - type, complexion. When it’s done - user should go to his profile settings to fill toy type and complexion depends on it. For example there are 9 complexions for “Type Bear”, 3 complexions for “Type Rabbit” and so one. Then this info shold be saved in his profile for next work with app (he has ability to dress it up using created toy to see how it looks). Option set “All copmplexions” includes option sets for each Complexion. I think i made it wrong.
But the main chalenge is to get how to create this toy step by step. I made repeating group with types which connected to option set “Toy type” and then repeating group with complexions connected to All toy complexions which is visible only when Toy Type is selected.

I need to see option sets for particular Type only when appropriate type is selected before. But now it shows only quantity, but no images.

May be you know some lesson how to make it or sonething similar?

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have a look at this

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thanks a lot dude. this might help me. a bit I look and don’t understand how you did this workflow?

If I try to make changes to thing I see only this items:

i simply created a list of toy on the user data type…like this i can create more than one toy per user and then modify this toy by color and size referring to the current user and the custom state who is holding the info…tell me if it make sense for you otherwise let’s have a quick chat and i will explain you:)?

let’s have a chat. but I don’t know where is it here)

do you have zoom or skype? if you have zoon lunch a meeting

my skype - generation_pisdeath
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hahha where are you from?

Kyiv, Ukrane)

so is perfect you will learn bubble and english at the same time …lol

really :slight_smile: well, call me if you can.

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