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Steps to getting my app wrapped

Hey guys… Please can someone put me through a step by step process to getting my app wrapped to enable it uploadable to both stores. I already built it on a single page and using states, hide and show to navigate through groups. Now I have the build done, what next do I need to do as regards a successful wrap process. And also which service company is best to choose for this. I appreciate your responses in advance. Cheers
P.s read @JohnMark josonnell process to doing it for free but boii does it sound like a headache hazzard already.


Both are excellent options:

Best of luck with your project! :+1:t2:


So do I just contact any of them, or all I need to do is just purchase the 16$ plugin and that’s it

Nope. They both charge a service fee. Their literature and customer support is very good.

Oh okay… thanks I really do appreciate. Would get in touch with them.

Hello @timmab89

You need to install version 10.0 of Xcode (Apple) and the latest version of Studio (Android). Install the free Jasonelle example and make sure it works. Then you have to rename the application with your chosen name. Apple charges $ 100 per year and Google charges $ 20 to be part of their store. Subsequently, the application must be pushed for acceptance by Apple and Google. The time to master everything is about “a few hours”. I give a lot of advice in my post but unfortunately it is not organized in step by step. BDK plugin is the easiest solution but isn’t perfect also.

:large_blue_diamond: 10 min. to build a FREE 0$ native iOS/Android app :large_orange_diamond:

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Thanks John…Deep sighhh… Okay let me give it a shot. So from stepn one, where do I click on to download the executable file for android after it opens up github

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