Steps to use plugin (in detail)

Hello community,

I’m building an app and trying to add speech-to-text feature, I installed plugin and subscribed to the service, however I’m stuck at this step. Can you please help in providing detailed steps on adding the service including configuring the API (in API connector) and adding API calls? (I also installed Websocket client but not sure if I actually need it).

I’m new to Bubble and app development, honestly I’m enjoying Bubble however I’m stuck here :relaxed:

@lindsay_knowcode may you please advise on this :slight_smile:

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What bit are you having trouble with?
The API connector? Setting up a Websocket client to work with Assembly AI, my plugin, or another plugin?

Happy to point you to resources. If you’ve bought my plugin it comes with reasonable support to get you up and running :slight_smile:

Hi Lindsay,
Thank you for replying.

Yes, I bought the plugin. I also subscribed to a websocket plugin although not sure if it’s really needed to setup this feature.

Honestly, I think I don’t know how to tie it all together. In general, interfaces are easy to use, I tried reading from Bubble academy but I think I need a sort of a step by step guide. At least general steps and maybe I can ask you here about details if I have trouble at any step.

Pardon me for writing here on weekends. It’s the only time I have to work on my app. Btw, my name is Razan, from Abu Dhabi. :slight_smile:

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There is a lot of information here
and you can study the setup in the Editor here