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Sticky bottom navigation

Hi all,
I am trying to implement a sticky navigation bar at the bottom of the page. For this, I created a floating group and set the floating relative to the bottom. The problem is that the Navigation bar doesn’t stick to the bottom.
I tried to implement it like this template: Ez Mobile App Design v2.0 Template | Bubble .

As you can see my bottom bar is at the top:

My floating group:

Element tree:
Screenshot 2021-07-06 at 17.37.08

I think it could be a problem that arrives from my element tree, all Elements on the page, top Navigation Bar, and different groups are stored inside one big group. But I could not find any information regarding the page structure, maybe you guys have some recommendations.

Kind regards,


Make sure in the editor the bottom of the floating group for your bottom navigation touches the bottom of the page.