Stipe Link for Customers

Hey everyone,

I’m setting up the payment stage of my bubble app and wanted some advice.

So basically when a user is signed into my app they list their products, these products are digital products that can be purchased multiple times.

I want to allow the user to go into their list of products and copy a link that they then send to their customer outside of the platform (on WhatsApp for example, but basically just a URL that they can send to someone anywhere).

Then when the customer clicks on the link that my user has sent them, they are taken to a landing page which asks them some variables (name/email/address etc) and then takes them to a Stripe page where they can pay for the product (which will have a predetermined price).

Can anyone please recommend the best way to do this or link any videos or forums that achieve a similar thing? I’ve seen that Stripe offer a no code connection but I’m not sure if that would be any better than using the Stripe API on bubble?

Thanks in advance!

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