Stop a text box moving position on page resize

You had a style attached, i removed the style and added the left border (padding)

Thanks Taiheta, much appreciated. This has solved the issue but I cannot understand why it is not honoring the fixed width and fixed position whilst the green nav bar is there but it works when it has gone. Do you know what that could be?

Me too, it really is baffling me

Fixed width checkbox is only for width not for position. Its normal behaviour to close all the space when page width is decreased.

No, but the fixed margin button is for position. When the green nav bar is present and the fixed margin button is pressed, the text moves. If I delete the nav bar, the text does not move.

Thats how its always been for me with alignment, idk about removing your nav bar.
Nice branding by the way :sparkles:

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Thank you for taking the time to look at it and for providing a solution and thanks for the compliment :+1:

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