Stop Bubble for Using Dummy Lorem ipsum

Hi, everyone:

so I create a page that is supposed to display event information. A user would click on an event on the calendar, and the information for the selected event would display on this page:

That information is then sent to a form for the user to edit if necessary:

However, upon the user logging in and before the event is selected, both the info page and the form show Lorem ipsum:

The URL has also changed to:

And I was hoping for this:

Since initially the user has yet to select an event on the calendar, at least the form needs to show blank fields instead of Lorem ipsum. Is there a way to do that?

Thank you.

That’s because a page with a datatype isn’t supposed to be empty, it’s supposed to be navigated-to from somewhere else and sending data over to it.

Normally people do a URL parameter, and a main group on your page points to the URL parameter. Then it shouldn’t be doing the Lorem ipsum (I think)

Agreed though there should be a way to turn it off though.

Seems like you’re doing a hybrid Add/Edit/View page, in this case you could create the Event before they navigate so the page has an actual Event to reference.

If I remove the datatype from the page, then I got the initial blank fields in the form but the form remains blank even after the event has been selected from the calendar to be edited, which is not what I want either.

I am new to Bubble and app-building, so I’m still a little fuzzy with using URL parameters although I’ve been watching a bunch of YouTube videos on it. I was able to use one URL parameter to navigate to the form, but do I need a second URL parameter for the data?

It works all done! JK :laughing:

Yes now that the source has been removed you need to give it a new one from the URL parameter instead of the page’s thing.

When you click on an event from the other page,
Do the Go to page action (Yes even if you are already on dashboard)
Pick your dashboard page then check the box Send more parameters (or something like that)
Type a key (this will be visible in the browser URL) so type something like event then the value will be Current cell's Event's unique ID (or wherever you are getting the relevant Event)

Then your Event form, I’m assuming all the inputs and stuff are pointing to Parent group's Event? Except for the group containing everything that used to point to Current page's Event? That main group make the data source Get data from page URL then make the type Event, the key event

Pretty much all of this is necessary because Bubble doesn’t want the Page’s Thing to be empty like ever (which is why it requires data being sent when you navigate to it from a different page)

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So I think I got part of this.

I set a “Go to page dashboard” action and set it like so (the 1st URL key is to navigate to the form, so I added a 2nd key which uses the slug instead of the unique id):

Shouldn’t I set “Data to send” to “Current Page Event”? But then, when I did that, it wants me to set the dashboard type to Event (which was what I had before)

Setting the form is where I have the most trouble. I changed all the inputs back to Parent group:

But when I go to set the data source, I can’t seem to get the data to match or find an option to send an Event:

Does this have something to do with my Elements Tree?:


I have finally figured out where the data transmission got disconnected…and the debugger. Thank you for all your help.

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My bad I totally missed your reply, at least it’s good now :+1:

No worries. It was good I learned the debugger. Plus, I’m sure I have other questions.

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