Stop pop up after first use

I have a pop up that loads when user enters my site homepage , this pop up enables them enter their address , so that the repeating group inside the homepage can sort the vendors close to them. Now when the user clicks on the vendors product and goes to the product page and doesn’t want the product, he click back to the homepage to choose another product but the pop up comes back again to ask of the same address. How can I stop this Pop up from requesting for this address again and use the formal address he inputted. Thanks please help

Only show the pop up when the User hasn’t got an address saved…

You have to save the address provided by the user. Later using condition you can hide that popup.
"When the page is loaded and current user address is not empty the popup is not visible’

Thanks alot @adamhholmes @jangidrahul0494 these solved it perfectly :pray:

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