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Stop pushing Bubble updates without user consent

Just today I’m seeing inconsistent rendering in my app… No changes made on my end.

@gbenchanoch, what kind of inconsistencies? Any example pics you can share?

I had a few groups render incorrectly and it just fixed itself when I shut down my computer and restarted.

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+1 I have worked for 2 years on the app and i have made everything as close to perfect i could. And the changes they are releasing are causing the bugs which can not be predicted. They are making changes which cause me and as i see many others to need to make significant changes on the app. And it is very hard to catch those changes so i agree we should be able to control it. I have had 4-5 mayor errors which in live mode would make me look very unprofessional and some error which are still active have broken the signup process. The emails needed hours to deliver and they have solved that now, but the signup email is still broken and in theory no user can register in my app as he can not access it without verifying the email. All in all since the latest investment my rating for Bubble would go down from 8.5 to 0. Plus they are forcing the privacy rules without any notification and the users can not see the videos when they are not logged in, Bubble does not have at this moment basic building blocks. I knew from beginning that relying on the third party plugins is not a good things and i should focus on building my own things and that has proven correct, they need to set the foundation first and not to let just ANYONE work on the product and be able to release an update which will instantly make or break thousands of apps. They did things better when they were smaller.

Some errors they have caused, would make the thousands of marketing money spent wasted. The basic processes as signup are broken, they are making the critical errors as somebody is doing it on purpose. They have destroyed the opportunity for me i have pitched to 10 VC’s i choose and wanted to work in , in order to find out they were not able to access the app because of the error caused by Bubble. Latest changes have caused millions of damage to people. To me not the financial damage but the reputational damage. Thanks to them very much. Do not let anyone work on your product, this is a lesson for everyone.

@Slobodan, @gbenchanoch, and @joeyg , I’m sure y’all probably have, but have y’all submitted these issues as bug reports?

Yup, I’ve got quite a few pending bug support tickets and a few ideas on the idea board. However, this thread is about the direction bubble chooses to go regarding update rollouts and QA.

Totally agree; just wanted to be sure these are getting flagged for the Bubble team. Don’t want my app to go haywire. :wink:

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