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Stop watch with time capture

I´m thinking of building an app for my daughters soccer club.
One of the features is the ability to track every players playing time in a game.

To do that I´de need a Stop Watch with a workflow to capture the current time (on the stop watch) when a button is pressed. To be able to track when players comes on/off the field.

Building a java Stop Watch isn’t a problem. My problem is the time capturing in Bubble, I need to store the current time and still keep the stop watch rolling.

Any ideas?

@emmanuel is this something I can build without you adding anything to Bubble? I can´t come up with an idea of how.

Solved this.
Thanks to @Scott ´s answer on the topic “Is an animated countdown with numbers possible?”.
Thanks Scott!

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Hi @Kackur I’m also looking for this feature. I’m not sure how @Scott’s answer solves what you are asking here?

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