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Storage of Data

We have the following problem:
We have an app with several pages. On those pages we create data in a different type of data for every page. We create this data by the ‘create a new thing’ and the ‘make changes to a thing’ functions.
After changing the position of actions within one workflow (type of data 1), the ‘make changes to results of step x’ function had no clear target anymore. So we changed the target to the intended target.

After some time (changing also other things) we noticed the following severe problem:
Another type of data (type 2) had by now taken the values of the first type of thing.

In the meantime lots of other things have been edited and we can not set the entire app back to our backup. But we still need to restore the values of our workflow from the second type of data and the fields of the second type of data.
By now it is the second time this problem has occurred and we, being new customers, are getting increasingly frustrated with bubble.

If you see a weird behavior (ie a bug), please report it. Just describing it like this isn’t helpful for us to fix it.