Store change history to data


I am working on a incident management system.

I would like the users to be able to edit certain things, such as changing the location of where the incident occurred.

However, it would be ideal to store a history of the incident changes, like

16/01/2024 - John Smith Updated Incident Address from “123 Apple St” to “321 Banana St”

Can anyone share the best practices or resources on how to achieve this?


you will need a new datatype, I will call it notes

the most basic example will have 2 feilds, a text field for the body and an incident

If the address is edited by auto-binding or is edited in a lot of spots, a database trigger with the condition “incident before changes address is not incident after changes address and incident before change is not empty”

Then create a new notes with the fields filled out

If it is edited in a workflow (like an edit popup, for example),

Just have an action to run before you edit the incident to create a new note only when “parent groups intendent address is not input address’s value”

The Database trigger will use more WU but will make your app easier to maintain as it scales or if you ever need to change the notes functionality

let me know if this makes sense or not

Bodie Bloore


That’s awesome bodie, thanks! Just wanted to double check a few things

  • The database triggers are for premium versions only I believe
  • Based off this, could you please take a 60s-120s video to show me a proof of concept?
  • Do you think this approach, versus say, sending the events via API then displayed in a table, is better?

Thanks again!

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