Store individual inputs (text) as a common dataset/answer

Hello dear bubblers,

I am building an application in which a feature will be that users can fill out a form with cloze text, that then displays on a new page all answers for always the same cloze text.
It should be like this:
The user has the possibility to constantly put new answers in the cloze but the text around it stays the same.

static text + dynamic input + static text + dynamic input + dynamic input
Every time I + go to the cinema + I will usually + order popcorn + a large soda.

The datasets are then to be dynamically displayed on a new page as compound sentences, each individual sentence consisting of a static sentence module and several dynamically inserted elements.
My question now is:

  1. How can I store multiple text inputs in the same record which then form their own responses or completed sentences?
  2. and then always retrieve new answers on a new page, where the individual inputs must always be directly related to the other inputs, so that different inputs are not displayed together in the same record?

I would be really grateful for any advice!