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Store multiple items in custom data type

Hi, im struggling about one simple thing (must be simple for all of us) im new on bubble


I want to make a project managment, then i have


  • Name
  • Number
  • Price per hour


  • Name
  • (other things )

Then i have Projects

  • Input dropdown of clients
  • Input multi choice workers (because a project can have more than one)

So i make a custom state to my reapeating group of workers with a checkbox and store in a custom state the list of works i want for a project, now how i put in database that list of workers ?

I want in my database table show

Name of project - Exemple p 1
Cliente - option B
Workers - worker A, Worker B, Worker C

Can someone help me with ?

Hi @josemansilva - welcome to Bubble! It sounds like you’re just having problems with adding multiple “Workers” to the database for a given project. There’s a plugin called “Multiselect dropdown” that could solve your problem. Are you aware of it?

hi @nikolai thank you for recomendation, my problem is not make a multiple select, i try that plug in and my doubt still the same.
lets explain with that multiselect senario

i pick some workers in multiselect , then i go to workflow and call
Wen save button - > create a new thing -> project -> Field Worker = ???

Can you understand my doubt ?

Thank you

Hi @josemansilva - I created a prototype. Hopefully this helps but let me know if you have more questions.

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Wow, so mutch thanks, that prototype really help me understanding … i will not make by a dropdown but i have an idea how to make now

Really thank you

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Hi Jose, i have exactly the same question ! how did you handle finally ?
Thanks for your help ?