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Storing a value during page refresh

For the app I am working on, I need a score counter that does not reset during a page refresh. Is there any way to do this without sending data to a database? Right now I have the counter as a state of the index but it resets to 0 when the page refreshes.

After the user hits submit, it seems easiest just to refresh the page in order to generate new random numbers for a repeating group rather than create the workflow to refresh all of the individual elements, but essentially I want just the score state to not refresh.

If you are using the action ‘Refresh Page’ then the only way to save it would be to use the database. If you use the ‘Go to page’ action then you can send a parameter in the url and access it once the page loads. I am not sure if that will reset all the other data you are hoping to reset but you could try that.


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