Storing Data Advise

Hi All

After some guidance on how best to store some data.

Scenario: - I have to go to hundreds of stores and do a small audit, as part of this i have a section called “Tiles”. Within this section i will have say 100 different types, i then need to know what size they are and store them in the database for that particular store.

For now i have populated an option set (For speed) of all the tiles, i then have in a repeating group the possible sizes for the tile. (The user will select the relevant size - Green on the screenshot)

How to store this data though? In essence i will have something next to each tile for that store.

In excel for example i would have either

All Tiles in row 1 with stores in column A - Then for each one i would put the Size
All Tiles in Column A, add into row 1 the store name (Moving along a column each time)

To add confusion the user will need the ability to add more tiles if they need to.

Really struggling to put this together so any help would be appreciated


This video could get you going:

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