Storing data - best practices

Hi all.

Far from an experienced database organiser, I’m not sure the best way of storing some data and would appreciate some advice.

I’m looking to store multiple external references to user’s profiles: youtube, twitter, facebook etc. This is optional for the user to share.

Should I create additional fields within the ‘User’ data type for each, or should I create a new data type and link it to the user?

Advice appreciated.

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Hey @ben.j :wave:

Personally, I would create a new dataType for External References and then connect it with the User. That way you can use a repeating group to display their external references and it can vary depending on which ones they have. If you are a new user to Bubble, this might not be the easiest thing to do, but I think it’s a good concept to learn.

Does that help? :blush:

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Hi @J805 , thanks for the reply!

That’s a really good call – I hadn’t thought about how I would display the data, and the point you’ve made about using a repeating group to do so makes so much sense.

Thank you!

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Glad that helped. :blush: