Storing multiple values with multiple fields under a single data record?

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I am building an inventory application that ties to a production scheduling module.

My users create a production job and select MULTIPLE items from the inventory along with the quantity and unit measurement. For example: I am building an iPhone and I need 3 Screens, 2 Motherboards, and 1 Camera.

When this production record is created - I would like it to subtract the inventory amounts (screen, motherboard, camera) from the Inventory Data Type and at the same time attach the inventory pieces to the production records.

For example: Production Record iPhone should show that it has 3 screens, 2 MBs, and 1 camera on the back end data. And the Inventory Records should now have minus -3 screen, -2 MBs, and -1 camera.

How do we show multiple items along with their quantity and unit of measurement on a single job order?

Current Setup:
Data Type = Inventory
Fields = Inventory Item Name, Quantity in inventory, and Unit of measurement.

Data Type- Production Job
Fields = Job name, multiple inventory item names used in job, amount of inventory belonging to each item, and UoM for each inventory item. (multiple inventory data should belong to a single job record).

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Title (text)
UOM (text)

Order line item
Product (product)
Quantity (number)

Date (date)
Order line items (List of order line items)

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@cmarchan Thank you so much Carlos! Always helps seeing the break down!

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