Storing & retrieving dynamic data to/from local storage


I am building an application where the user is given an opportunity to use our main feature once before being asked to sign up.

I need to achieve a functionality where a user is presented a result to their query, but the results are truncated by an invitation to sign up. If sign up is successful, I want to store the results as a new entry into the database. My signup routine includes a redirect to a third party page (log in with google)

I was thinking of using localStorage to store the result temporarily before storing it into the database, however, that has proven to be rather challenging with Bubble.

Can anyone share their advice on how this can be achieved?

I have a similar thing in a client project where users need a tax saving estimate before signup.

By using reusable elements, you can avoid having to remake everything. Your main feature should all be in an RE, and have a property like ‘isPreview’, which when set to yes means it’s for the logged out user. Adjust logic/conditions accordingly, and the same RE will work on both your pre-signup page, and your main feature dashboard.

Do you know if there is a bubble tutorial related to this? Sidenote: my challenge is storing the data, not the design elements

Store the values in URL params when an input’s value is changed.

Ensure the user returns to this URL (with the params) after completing signup and use the URL param data in the signup flow if you want to store the results.