Storing Sensitive data elsewhere

Hi, it looks like I need to split some of my data off into another database hosted in Australia for privacy compliance. In my case it would be client data.

My app is a quoting system that links specific quotes to specific clients. Currently, that is very simple as each client just gets quotes added to a list. How would I handle this with an external database?

I am thinking SQL as both Azure and Amazon have SQL server options in Australia specifically. How would I link the various quotes to the clients (on SQL) and the clients (in SQL) to the quotes in Bubble’s database.

Currently a user can search for a specific client in a drop down. My own database of clients has 2000 records. How would one handle the searching if you cannot pull in more than 200 records via the SQL plugin. I am already using the SQL plugin for other tasks, but this part is fundamental to my whole app and I am not confident that I know how to deal with it.

Thank you in advance.