Storing text input data and remembering page on repeating groups

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I’ve got a page with a repeating group that is filtered by several text inputs. The repeating group has pagination with 16 rows per page. Within the repeating group, there are links to pages. When a user clicks a link, they are taken to a new page. When they then click back in the browser, they are brought back to this page but with all the text fields reset and the page returned to page 1. Is there a way to:

a) store their choices so that they don’t have to re-enter them?
b) remember which page they are on of the filtered repeating group so the page is still in the same position?

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You could store the data a) and b) to user before navigating to the other page. When they return you can just fetch it from current user and show the correct data

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Thanks for the advice :pray: Not all user’s will be logged in, so is there a “temporary user” object that these values can be saved against when user’s are not logged in?

yes! It does have

Ah cool! That could work then. I’ve got a dropdown field with a list of values. Is it possible to auto-bind the selected value to the current user or would this need to be triggered via a workflow?

yes ,

Thanks :pray: as in it is possible to auto-bind? Or I need a workflow?

auto-binding requires you to set up privacy in the data hence you will need to set this particular field as auto-binding for everyone

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Thanks :pray:

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