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Storing, Traversing & Display Tree structures in Bubble

Hello and Thanks in advance.

I am building a sample app of a manufacturing use case and I’d like to get some suggestions of what is the best way(s) to store, traverse and display a tree structure in Bubble.

A item can be product made of many other items or products (sub assemblies). So in essence a sub-assembly is also a product made with additional items. There are many attributes at the parent-child relationship level
The Application will allow user to view the entire hierarcy but typically level by level (that is the top down tree). There are some cases in which for e.g. find all sub-assemblies where a part is used & effective today. In which case it would be a reverse look-up (down-up tree)
An Item could have many products for eg. an As Sold, an As Designed, an As Maintained, etc.
I am giving here a very simplistic visual for purposes of illustration:
and example data:


  1. What is the recommended database structure in Bubble?
  2. Is there a Tree component in Bubble to represent this kind of hierarchical data
  3. What are the limitations or performance considerations I should keep in mind when implementing something like this within Bubble?
  4. In the above data set, if a user is not permitted to view some level of the hierarchy or certain pieces of the information at a level, what is the good option to apply Role Based Access within Bubble

Thanks again.


Since there is no specific guidance from Bubble on this and not much response either, I’ve taken the path:

items contain list of Products
Products contains List of Components
Component is an Item and has properties at the relationship level.
I am keeping a reference of the Product in the Component (i.e. the Component also knows who its parent is) .
Since there are attributes at the Product–>Component level, I’ve not made the Parent in the Component a List

I’ll see how the traversal both Up and Down the tree functions to determine if I need to revert back to the traditional relational PK-FK structure. Especially when the Product structure is deep and wide, I need to see performance.
I am also reconsidering the User Interface. Since there is no Tree component in Bubble, I am contemplating using a Level - By - Level navigation. Alternately also considering Google Tree

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Late reply. As for rendering, perhaps one of these are of use:


I faced a bit similar issue.
In my understanding, you want to use a tree-structured database model. Like the folder-file model that we are using every day on our computers.

Then especially searching data down(or up) in the tree structure might be such hard work in the bubble… at least I don’t know how I can do it.

The biggest problem for this difficulty in the bubble is the absence of normal looping coding like for/while in major programming languages. This is one of most critical issue of bubble.