Straight line distance


I need to calculate straight line distances between registered users, knowing their British post code.

First I thought I ought to use Google Maps Distance matrix API but I realised it doesn’t provide straight line distance. Is there any easier way than using Geocoding API to get latitude and longitude and creating a function described here?

OK, I think I can select ‘distance from’ option, my problem was the post code was not of type geographical address, so the ‘distance from’ option was not showing

Hi, I am trying to do a similar thing. But I can’t find out how to use the ‘distance from’ function.

I can see how to get the first data point, using something like this:

I want to use a list of Drivers (I think I would need to do a Search for …)

Can you give me an example of how you did it please?

Use the complete syntax, address 's value then the distance from would work