Strange behavior?

God… it seems like there is a whole load of issues today… @eve @jess

Have you filed a bug report?

I wonder if the editor issues is because of this update:

Filing now…

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Filed. Yes something strange is happening. On firefox for example, it doesn’t show the dates on the update list. Some sort of data fetching issue in addition to not being able to use the dropdown to navigate to pages and reusable elements in the editor.

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@Raza-Tauseeque are you still seeing this behavior? I am experiencing it but it seems to be computer specific.

I’ve received over a dozen reports like these in the last two hours from customers

@arcbot did you file a bug report or have any success figuring it out?

I’ve been back and forth with Bubble support and they had me send them a screenshot from chrome browser console, which was showing a bunch of bad request red.

@ed727 I’ve raised the issue but I’m still awaiting a response

Seen a lot of weird stuff lately

  • CSS issues
  • Floating groups that refuse to float and behave like regular groups
  • groups not showing up in the editor when you toggle visibility
  • Images stopped showing in some browsers

These same bugs above are occurring here with me … dropdown not being filled by Do a search for, the My Plugins and My Templates tabs does not show the repeating group items… i tried in Chrome and Firefox and nothing! Very weird!

My app suddenly stoped displaying data!
In the last last days I experienced a temporary bug that was not updating data taking place just in Europe but not in the US. After 1 days the problem disappeared.
Now (1pm CET) everything stopped working all of a sudden. Bubble please provide feedback.

An additional detail:
if in the Live database I pick a user and click “Run as” I get to page
and things work.
If with the same user I go to
things don’t work. The app ceased to read data in calculated fields and RGs.
I just wrote to support.

Hmm… things are now working on my side (except for google maps sometimes not working, but that’s a problem I’ve had before).

I’d love to know why my issue was only on one computer – and it was computer (not browser) specific.

Anyone having issues should file bug reports which will help Bubble figure out what’s happening.

hello I also have the error since yesterday: /

if you have the solution i would be grateful

I don’t have any solution unfortunately – it wasn’t working yesterday and now this morning it works.

it works on my phone but my computer doesn’t …

Hello folks! Our team just pushed a fix that should address some strange behaviors users have been seeing in their apps – ex, the page dropdown not working in the editor. If you’re still seeing issues, please ping us at [email protected]!


It seems to have fixed!

I’m also experiencing some issues on my side. In this case, some groups or elements that should be shown (based on visibility conditions and even when they should be visible on page load) are not being shown, and I can’t figure out what’s going on because yesterday everything was working perfectly

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