Strange Production app behaviour

So this morning I start receiving calls. In chrome my login page gets redirected to a null page. In Edge my footer, a reusable element says it’s deleted. Test version shows everything fine and I have not done a deployment in a few days.

Anyone else having issues?

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Ok so after just redeploying my problems are gone. This is concerning as it means somehow my live app was modified without me doing a deployment… Ping @Bubble

Hey there @dehacked79,

Have you filed a bug report about this? I’ve never seen this ever happen on any of my apps.

Yes I did. Will probably take them a while to respond.

Happening to a few apps of mine. Filed bug report as well.

Thank you for the bug report! Our team is investigating this and will update you all as soon as possible.

This has just happened in our PRODUCTION APP @Bubble

Please advise, do you realise how unnerving it is knowing that a production environment can be UPGRADED at anytime by Bubble although I’ve specifically said not too.

This seemingly is the second time this has happened. I also wish for production + customers you had a faster route to talk to you instead of emails. 15 mins later still waiting with a broken production environment. 5 staff members twiddling thumbs.

Bill if you can just publish from test again. Worked for me.

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