Strange results when following tutorial

I’m following the tutorial Bubble 103 - Build Your First App - Designing the Navbar and I not getting the same results as the video author, and I have done it a few times. I have attached the video authors results and my results. The two main issues are the “Circular Reusable Element” and the fact that there is quite a big gap between the the buttons, on the development screen the buttons are next to each other.

thanks in advance



Start over
Create a new page
Then, add a new reusable element as the video shows
Be conscious that you will be inside a special type of element … namely a reusable element. This means that you are not on the page you just created.
Add the two buttons
Press shift, click on each, right click, choose “group element in a group”. Set this new group to fixed width … this will ensure that when you preview they will stay together. Bubble is a blank canvas with no structure. You need to create structure where needed. Here for the buttons to stay together a structure is needed by using this group.
Select your newly created page. Go there
Find your new reusable element and place it on your new page

You have now completed video #4 :+1:

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