Strategies to protect who can see what database data & can alerts be setup if data exported?


We are about to hire 2 Bubble developers to work on our app. Currently we have a lot of data in out Dev instance which we would like to limit. We need the data here as we are using this environment to create data insights for customers.
We are using the Prod account for customers who have opted in to also have an application interface to interact with the data.

We are on the Production Bubble plan.

The challenge is that bubble only comes with 2 separate databases (dev and prod). ideally we would need 3:

  1. Dev - which has limited data and our contractor bubble developers does all code in
  2. Staging - which contains far more data and we using this instance to create insights for customers. This is the data we want to protect.
  3. Prod - live data and external user facing.


  1. Is there any way to increase the databases used in bubble by +1?
  2. if not, is there any other way we can separate the development instance from the large data?
  3. Is there any monitoring or alert we can setup to understand IF any data was exported. I know if I export data I get an email notification once the data is completed, but if a collaborator on the bubble instance exports data I would like to be informed?

Only thoughts I can think of is to add additional bubble instances, e.g

  1. In our Production app, use the Dev instance for DEV environment with limited data
  2. Create a NEW INSTANCE as sub-app and have all staging data here.
  3. back in our production app, use the PROD as the production and external user app.

The annoyance with above is that we ideally want the instance with lots of data to also have a lot of performance (this was the primary reason we upgraded from professional to production instance.) Also, we would like to avoid having to pay for 2 x production instances if possible.

Keen to hear if anyone has done anything on above and can share some ideas.

Thank you in advance

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Explore this service as the dB provider. Perhaps they can help.