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Strava API - Adding Webhook Help Needed

Need some help understanding a few things… I’ve got an app built that’s using the Strava API plugin which is all working fine.

What I’d like to do now is get the push notifications from Strava and updates for users instead of having them need to go to the app each time to see their updates. Strava offers a webhook to do this:

Question is… is this created as a new API plugin or is it done via a backend workflow? All the searches I’ve done seem to show this as a backend workflow, but I’m not following the examples…
Any help would be appreciated!

You would do this via a backend workflow

When you “create an API workflow” what you are doing is creating an “endpoint” a URL that a service such as Strava can hit with a webhook.

The easiest way to get the URL for Strava to send the webhook to, is to click on the drop down for parameter definition and select “detect request data” then click detect.

That will give you the endpoint URL with “/initialize” at the end of it. Once you initialize the data coming from Strava, you can remove that part of the URL and your webhook is set up. You can now do whatever bubble action you want to alert users and update them

Thanks for the reply. Can you help me a bit step by step here?

  1. Created a new endpoint, configured as below.
  2. Hit “detect data”. This gives the URL. How does this get initialized? Does that go into an API call for the plugin and initialized there?

I get the below error when I setup an API call with the “initialize” URL as the call-back and tried to do the initialization:

I’ve tried this a few ways, none of them successful so far.

The documentation says I need to do the following to create a new subscription (only need to do once evidently):

  1. Send a post command with some parameters (I’m doing this via the plugin I have created)
  2. Provide a response to a GET from the Strava site with a Code of 200. There’s no place in Strava to fill out this info, so the various codes and callback url (using the Bubble one with “initialize” from the Endpoint here)

Step 2 is where I’m stuck. There’s some values I need to provide as part of the initialization (in the original documentation link).

The update to the API plugin won’t initialize for me. Can’t see how to provide the necessary responses to the GET… Or am I on completely the wrong path?