Stress test personal plan performance

I did a stress test bubble application with a personal package. with an estimated 5 users accessing it simultaneously. just a blank index page, no object, no workflow, and no database. the result is almost 25% cpu usage.

is this normal? as a php developer i paid $ 5 at digitalocean and could handle 500 users simultaneously with dynamic websites and under 30% cpu usage.

I plan to use bubble for one of my projects but why am I unsure about its performance. can someone explain?

Bubble Editor 2020-10-19 13-27-35

Nobody here accepts it but bubble performance is of stone age. It’s only useful for prototype.

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Heres a live example of a professional plan, normally 200-500 page views per day (single page app, with easily over 500 elements on page).

We are in the midst of optimizing our data structure & app as well as a rebuild but the current live version also has 49 plugins installed (obviously not ideal for the amount of JS that needs to load).

No additional units or boosts

Video of preformance:


thanks for the explanation. i found a way to reduce the server load to the bubble. But this requires a lot of server-side coding. I will still use bubble only for the frontend.

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