String, arrays please save the day!


I have an API call that populates the data as shown

using the following Create A Thing options

I’ve managed to display the information on separate rows of a repeating group like this

I have a page where I want to display one of these items at a time like this

Which I have achieved by setting 1 row per repeating group

The user is meant to confirm there are 4 items by pressing a button 4 times then the next product in the list should be displayed. I’m not sure how to:
A. Move onto the next product
B. Mark the first item as confirmed

Please let me know if you need more details/screenshots to help get to the bottom of this :slight_smile:

Hey @marc1,

Something you can try…

Instead of displaying the single item in a 1x1 repeating group, just use a group. Set type of content to Batch. When you select a Batch item, show the group (or popup) and use the “Display List” action to send the “Current cell’s batch” to that group. That group can then display “parent group batch’s [field]” (see this video to understand that concept a bit more:

When the submit button is clicked and there are no more items to check, make a change to the “batch” record, where a “yes/no” field (labeled ‘completed’) = yes

Your original RG of batches could have a constraint to only show Completed = no, which would automatically remove the one just checked.

After the last item is checked, you could go ahead and use “display data” again and use “repeating group’s batches :first item” to just call up the first in the list, which would be the next not completed.

A few ways to accomplish this depending on your interface design, but hopefully this helps a bit.

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Hey @romanmg

Thanks for reaching out! Great video too!

In your video you were able to iterate between users. In my case I can’t work out how I could iterate between these as they are contained as a list

For example I would want to show the following in a Group:
Palm Print Silk Pyjama Trousers

Then move onto the next in the list when a button is pressed. It would then show in the same group:
Concord Denim Jacket

I’m not entirely sure how to iterate between them


I managed to find the answer in @romanmg other post here How to iterate through things


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