String comparison not working

I have a workflow that adds a new thing (“Board Activity” type in my case) to the database and one of the fields I need to populate for the new Board Activity is Board Activity Type. I have a list of Board Activity Types stored as text fields in my database and I am unable to “Do a search for” the matching Board Activity Type. As you can see in the screenshots, I am simply trying to match the Board Activity Type to a string, like “Comment” for instance. I have tried to match on the Description and the Slug, using both “=” and “contains” operators but no luck in matching an Activity Type. You can see in the Debug screenshot that the Search for matching Activity Type comes up empty when I run the app.

In the workflow screenshot above, the Search should match a single Board Activity Type, but always comes back blank.

When debugging, you can see the Board Activity Type is empty.

List of Activity Types in my database. As you can see, the Search should return a match for Description = Comment.

After more testing I realized I don’t need the quotes around the literal text. Initially, I couldn’t get it to save without the quotes but now I can. Live and learn!