Strip error: 'No Such Customer'

My user is trying to pay for an item using stripe connect. The workflow plugin ‘charge current user’ sends the user to the stripe site for checkout. This is fine. Works perfectly.

Upon returning to my app, bubble throws an error:

Workflow error - Stripe error: No such customer: ‘cus_JxPFpFDGWlRiIc’

Now I only recently found this out: after the workflow action, bubble adds the strip customer ID to your user. You cannot see this field in your ‘app data’ tab but it is there when you want to use it for a dynamic text for example.

So my current user has the same stripe customer id as the error message but the workflow errors and stops the entire workflow. I can’t understand why it cannot see that the current user is the same user that paid on stripe.

Any ideas? Thank you so much.