Stripe and Paypal Sellers

Has anyone found a solution for allowing sellers on their marketplace to choose between Stripe OR Paypal for their seller account?

Originially we just wanted to do all Stripe… but anyone over 40 usually hasn’t heard of them and prefers Paypal… hence we need a way for sellers to choose to maximize conversion.

Already using Stripe Connect Express Marketplace… which is great.


I use Stripe and Przelewy24 paymeny methods. Our sellers can activate both or onlu single one. When they activate both, popup was shown to final customer and they can chose between both.

To run this, just create Check boxes or radio Burton for user or something simmilar to let sellers chose and then run specific workflow depends on the sellers/user choise.

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What’s the second payment method you use?

Przelewy24 this is popular method in Poland.

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