Stripe billing error Missing required param: items


I am using the classic Stripe plugin for Billing. I created my two products in both the test and prod environment on my Stripe account.
I followed the @romanmg advices of this post (Stripe subscription - #23 by mgray) and created new fiels to handly my pricing IDs.
Here is what it looks like.

The payment works for the development version but when running in live I Got this error

Can somebody help me ?


This is failing because “Search for Plan_Stripe’s” ID things returns an array. So, you’re not passing Stripe the expected single string.

Append :first item to your searches in the yes/no formatting fields.

thanks for your answer. I finally figured out. I gave the same name to both tets and live pricing plan. I unchecked the “dynamic value”. Bubble makes the difference between the two :slight_smile:

What a smart tool

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