Stripe Bubble Plugin - Register User as a Seller

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I am having trouble testing my workflow when using the Register User as a Seller Action. Instead of directing me to the signup page, it is directing me to the login page because it knows that I already have a stripe account and it wants me to log in to that. Is there anyway to override the stored OAuth tokens so that I can emulate a new user each time I go to test the register user as a seller workflow I have set up? I have tried clearing my cookies and that does not work.



I’m not sure if this is a problem a lot of people have faced (I’d be surprised if it wasn’t but haven’t seen a topic created for it yet), but there is one pseudo-solution: using a different browser that you have never logged into stripe with before. This isn’t a real solution though because it only works once per browser but I thought some people might find that useful to know if they are in a bind and need to test something right away.

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Did you try using Chrome’s Incognito mode (also called “Private browsing” for other browsers I think)? This should be equivalent to “a new browser” every single time you close and reopen Chrome in Incognito mode.

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Did you try to log the user out in the load event of the page?
This should reset the cookies and put the user on square one.
Hope this helps.

Thanks - this did it! Sometimes the solution is so simple I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner!

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