Stripe charge fail, but still allowing access to app

Hi all

I’m using the stripe plugin and using the ‘charge customer’ function as it’s a one off payment.

If the payment fails it’s still allowing customers to access the app.

What step am I missing here? Should I be making a change to the customer?

Hi @LA81638 , you can make a field in User datatype and that will be payment_status.
By default the value of payment_status will be “not_paid” and when you are charging the customer you need to make changes the user as payment_status to “paid” .

If not done, message me on LinkedIn I will guide you.

Perfect, thanks you

That’s an odd way of trying to get more followers

Is your issue resolved?

I am not forcing her to follow me, I said if her issue is not resolved then she can message me on LinkedIn.
And I hope her issue is resolved so why she will connect me on LinkedIn. @lantzgould

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