Stripe Checkout Embed Code not working?

Hi all.

I’m trying to get the Stripe Checkout embed code working, but I think there’s a bug. I’ve installed a button with the code snippet from Stripe, but it’s not working when I click on it. There’s no error message, just nothing happens. I got onto Stripe tech support, and they said it was fine their end and that my account, product, and subscription was all set up okay. I installed the same code on a different (non-bubble) website, and it works fine by going direct to the subscription page on Stripe.

But when I try it in Bubble, nada.

Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Are you working with a ‘Live’ subscription/product or a ‘Test’ subscription/product?

Checkout links for test subscriptions will work from ANY domain, but for Live products/subscriptions only domains that have been added to your Stripe checkout domains list will work. So make sure your Bubble App Domain is added in your Stripe dashboard.

Also, the <script src=""></script> needs to go in the page header and not in the HTML element for it to work.

It was the tags not being in the page header that was the problem - thank you @adamhholmes

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