Stripe & Chrome Extension 'Ghostery' Errors

I’ve recently installed the Chrome extension ‘Ghostery’ and noticed that when I went to a Bubble built site that has the Bubble ‘Stripe’ plugin installed, it causes a ton of errors in the console e.g.

Also a browser alert appears

As soon as I whitelist the page, all works well, no alert or console errors.

Something must of changed on either side, as I installed the plugin a few weeks ago and now have noticed these issues arise.

This isn’t really a bug report per say, as I’m not sure if Bubble can change anything to stop this happening, but just concered about users visiting sites with the Stripe plugin and this web extensions. Thought I’d give a heads up about this. I may contact the extension developers at ‘Ghostery’ and see what can be done…


Interesting blocker extension Ghostery, thanks.

Its generally been working quite well apart from this issue :unamused:

I’ve just sent a message to their support, hopefully a fix is on way. Will update this post on developments…


Quick update - had this reply from one of the developers over at Ghostery…

Just following up with you on the issue! Right now this is a known issue that several other users have been experiencing. Our devs are working on a fix that will go out in our next release.

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