Stripe Connect for Marketplace Help needed please

Hi Bubblers,

I’m setting up Stripe Connect in my marketplace app.

I’ve built the app using a couple of templates, one of which I’ve used as the main template because it has most of the workflows I’ve needed set up already.

This template uses both the Bubble Stripe Plugin and the Stripe.Js 2 plugin.

I’ve created a Stripe Account and activated Stripe Connect to the point where it’s approved for live accounts.

I’ve switched to Test mode and think I’ve successfully registered the user as a seller (bit confusing because it seems to be using my Stripe account email address for the ‘User’ address rather than the user email that I added during the ‘onboarding’ - I have most likely done something wrong :roll_eyes:

When I got to the end of the onboarding in Stripe it was telling me I needed to take one more step (a curl that I have absolutely no idea how to handle) but the User seems to be there as a connected account without having to do that process. (I assume that’s what your sellers become?).

I’ve replicated all the workflow processes from the template and applied them to my marketplace but when I test as an app user (not a seller), I can select register to display the payment pop up, add the (test) credit card number but then it stops at the ‘we’re processing your payment’ popup.

I can see lots of ‘customers’ in my Stripe account (on my account for the marketplace, not the seller), where I’ve tried this several times over the last couple of days. It seems to be creating the customer but not sending any other data through.

Below are screen shots of the workflows that I’ve replicated. Does anyone know if there’s something missing from the process? I am a total novice and have really hit a brick wall with this one as I have zero technical knowledge at all.

Apologies in advance for the complicated and convoluted post. And thanks in advance for any light that can be shed on this. :pray:

  1. Click button Confirm & Pay:

  2. Create payment method:

  3. Payment method created:

  4. API Payment Create:

  5. Stripe Paymentintent ID Created:

  6. Changes to thing:

  7. Actions once payment is confirmed: