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Stripe Connect - Seller requirements?

Is it possible for a user to Register as a Seller but they cannot accept payment? What will happen in this situation? Will Bubble prevent the transaction if the Seller is not activated/verified on Stripe?

Yes, Bubble will send the seller an email to tell them to register, and the transaction will fail.

@emmanuel Do you know what the requirements are? I’m going to try to prevent a seller if they cannot accept the payment using the account.updated webhook. However, I can’t find on Stripe’s docs which parameters define if they can accept payment on a marketplace.

If a transaction fails, will the other events in the workflow be completed?

@nicolas.daprigny Does the json from the webhook need to be flat to pull the parameter with the Bubble API? For example, what would I enter into the Key to obtain nested charges_enabled?

Bubble with go to the “object” level, so no need to flat. And I think the new API COnnector enables to use arrays.
Why don’t you just try ?

I’m trying to capture data from a webhook. From what I understand, I should be using the Bubble API for webhooks. I am filling out the key with charges_enabled but Bubble does not capture the data. I think it is because the webhook data is nested.

The sent webhook is an Event.

Have you made a search in the forum ? see theses topics :

@nicolas.daprigny I looked through those documents, it seems like you had the same question, did you ever figure it out?

I want to store the charges_enabled data in my app’s database. Stripe has said that charges_enabled will determine if the user can accept payment. There is no event called charges_enabled. But there is an event called account.updated. The account.updated event has charges_enabled nested under object.

I have tried to find the charges_enabled in the event but I don’t see that option in Bubble:

@emmanuel Is it possible to store this data in my app’s database using the Bubble API?

Be sure you undersdand well the different concepts :

charges_enabled (true/false) is a parameter of the object Account.

An Event is the result of an action or a delay. For instance, when a customer updates is account, an event account.updated is created and its object is Account. Then the webhook is triggered.

So when you receive the Event, get the ID of the Account, and make a call to get all the Account’s info.

Hope it helps.

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With the API connector? Is it possible to capture this from the webhook without using the connector?

You need the API Connector to use “get data from external services” in your webhook

I’m trying to setup the API connector to capture the data from the event but I receive an error. Does it look like I am missing anything?

The error seems like something is wrong with the address. I tried adding curl but it still does not work. Any ideas?