Stripe Connect Users - Anyone else get this email?

I have a Bubble app that heavily uses Stripe Connect using the Bubble built plugin, and I recently received an email about the way we create User Accounts on the Connect Platform and how it is changing.
Did anyone else get this? Or know if we should be concerned with how the Bubble built plugin is setup?

Hi there,

I’m Amy, reaching out from the Product Operations team at Stripe. We’ve noticed your attempt to create test accounts with the platform_payments capability, and we wanted to reach out with a little bit more context on Capabilities, which are required for the 2019-02-19 API version (or newer), and some next steps for you.


One of the biggest updates with the 2019-02-19 and newer API updates is the introduction of Capabilities. Capabilities allow you to explicitly indicate what functionality is needed for each connected account, and introduce new onboarding requirements based on what’s required for that particular capability. If you haven’t already, you can read more about Capabilities here. The platform_payments capability, which you have attempted to create accounts with, requires approval by Stripe to use. We’re currently only able to approve the use of the platform_payments capability for newly-created Connect platforms.

For existing platforms – like yours – we’re building out new tooling and resources to ensure your transition to Capabilities is as seamless as possible. We’ll be reaching out in the next few months with more information on these changes and how to best navigate any updates that may be required.

Next steps for you

We recommend that you hold off on updating your API version for now. If you still want to try out the new API version, you can specify the legacy_payments capability when creating new accounts. The legacy_payments capability will not introduce any new onboarding requirements for your connected accounts, and can be used with your existing onboarding flow. You can read more about the legacy_payments capability here. (You will need to be logged into your Stripe account to view this documentation.)

As always, if you have any questions, please reply here to let us know. Thanks again for choosing Stripe, and we look forward to growing with you.

Hello! I’m the Amy from that email. I didn’t see this until this morning, but am happy to give a brief follow-up.
The context for this email is that I was trying to help out some of Stripe’s Connect platforms who were upgrading their API versions and getting caught in a sort of “in-between” phase. We made some changes internally that made the cue for this email apply to more accounts than it should have. Once we realized this, we stopped the emails so we could reconfigure the cue for it. Friday evening, I sent out a quick apology as a reply to the original email if it could be safely ignored.

I don’t know much about Bubble specifically, or your platform, but if there’s anything you’re still anxious about please let me know; I’d be happy to dive in!

Here’s the contents of that email:
Hi there,

Earlier this week, I sent you this email (with the subject “Next steps for your Stripe integration”) regarding your usage of the Connect product and some specific capabilities to set for your accounts. This email was sent to your platform in error, and you can safely ignore the email and the instructions it gives.

Apologies for any confusion.



Just so everyone knows, Amy / Stripe support followed up promptly to let me know this was a false alarm so all is good here. I should have left a follow up post in case others saw this.

Thanks for jumping in and and helping clear this up @am1!

Stripe must have some damn good brand monitoring tools!