Stripe create custom accounts via account tokens

Need help with this operation. Accounts will be created for sellers on my platform. Since we operate in France the use of account tokens is obligatory.


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I can definately help you with this Please check your Pm

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Oh Vanessa I think I need your help too !
I send you a PM !

Hi every one,
@msuchkov1 @vanessa @banbimmo I have the same problem creating custom accounts to my sellers in France, did you solve this, could you help?

Hi @tonzi
Yes, @jennifervasilenko helped me with the Stripe api configuration. Now it works well!



Hi @msuchkov1 thanks for your answer, could you explain how to create a custom client, is it with a plugin or api connector? how? @jennifervasilenko could you help please?

In the case of the app in which we configured, It was not easy.
We used the plugin and API Connector and custom js, so I can’t explain in 2 words)
Look at the StripeJS plugin, maybe it will help in your case.
If not, write to the PM, we will discuss)

I think @simon already did this so he might help you out :wink:

Hi all,

thank you for your reply.

I am using the last version of stripe.js and when trying to create an account i receive this error message “Connect platforms based in FR must create custom accounts via account tokens”

My understanding is that stripe.js is not updated yet so that to create account token for custom accounts.

Is it necessary to do my own stripe API connector and calls ? Did you manage to do it? Is there other solutions? Bubble stripe API seems to not do the job …

@simon could you help?

Your help is welcome.

@copilot could you comment on this please

Hi every one,
I have the same problem creating custom accounts to my sellers in France, did you solve this, could you help?
Thank you very much

Creating Stripe users for each country requires its own minimum amount of user data. France is one of the most difficult countries to customize the Stripe. I know that all requests you should have only using tokens. I set up Stripe Connect a year ago and it took me over two weeks.

Is it valid also for subscription plan?

Is there any tutorial or documentation on how to set up these tokens for French subscribers?

It seems zeroqode’ “Stripe Marketplace” plugin does the job and allows to manage this constraint.

I have to give a try!

Stripe has very good documentation. I did everything thanks to her.

Yes, indeed. The only problem remaining for me is the checkout for connect accounts. I can’t get the checkout sessions api call working using the API connector, I always get an error “undefined parameter”, whatever I do / put in the header and parameters. I’m a bit stuck there, I don’t find the response neither in any stripe doc (e, czpt the curl line but…) nor on the web…

Hello Isabelle,
Have you found how to create an account token for FR ?
I have not found any solutinon yet.
It seems that there is no simple :

I would be pleased to get an advise on this matter

David Blanc