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Stripe customer gets lost in the void... possible or not to connect after the fact with Bubble Stripe plugin

This is the sucky situation.

Once every X times, clients sign up to our platform with a French Debit card and it breaks the Bubble Plugin.

user signs up
Bubble User is created
goes to Stripe
Stripe Customer and Subscription go through
… then POUF… Stripe and Bubble stop playing nice
user gets sent back to my sign up page and…
… nothing happens ​leaving me with a pissed off customer who thinks they are being scammed.

NOT good

I’ve dug through the articles and help and can’t seem to find any other option than “add the customer number manually in a separate field and then build all the things that the bubble plugin does for me separately”

I don’t want to do that :slight_smile:

Is it possible at all to “reconnect” stripe and bubble at the customer level ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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