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Stripe Customer Portal

Hi All,

I have recently setup the Stripe Customer Portal so my customers can update their own payment methods and cancel there plan. I followed an online tutorial and we used the API connector to get this done and setup a workflow on the ‘manage billing’ button.

In my user data type I have a text data type for if the user is subscribed ‘account type’ paid or free.

When the user presses ‘Manage Billing’ goes to the user portal and cancels, how can I change the user settings and change their account type to ‘free’?

Been struggling on this for a few days, any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks so much,

You’ll need to set up a Webhook (for the customer.subscription.updated event) and a backend workflow to run when the User cancels their subscription. Make whatever necessary changes you need to the User in that workflow.

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Hello @mattbubble

Complementing @adamhholmes great advice … an alternative way is to monitor the "current user’s stripe customer subscription status if you are using the Bubble Stripe plugin. This method uses Bubble’s deep integration with Stripe.


Great thanks so much!

Thank you!!