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Stripe Error Message - Can't convert

Stripe APIs have been set up correctly and currently using V2. However, branded popup doesn’t show on platform even though branded version created in Stripe and also this error message appears. Does anyone have any thoughts on how this can be rectified? Currently using Zeroqode and they are unable to resolve.

Seems like you have to have a charge of at least 50 cents for a transaction. Are you trying to charge .17 cents or .23 AUD on purpose? Perhaps you meant to not convert it to cents?

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It was meant to be charging 15% not cents. I had Zeroqode do this for me and I am still trying to work through how to fix some of these issues. Are you familiar with the Zeroqode template Uplance?

Can you post a screenshot of the transaction workflow step ?

Took me a while to find it

Yeah sorry this doesn’t help much without seeing the exact numbers being used.

I would suggest previewing your app, making sure the debugger is on, clicking step-by-step, and walking through the workflows to see if all the data/numbers are passing through as expected.

For every step, click at the bottom of the debugger to evaluate what the data is.

The popup alert that was shown says you were trying to charge .17 cents, which is not allowed by Stripe. Somewhere in your equation up top its making the charge .17 cents as opposed to what you’d need it to be.

Thanks and will try debugger. Great idea and will let you know what i uncover.

It looks like the Amount that is being used is taking the ‘Parent Group’s JobOffer’s Job’s FullPrice’ and multiplying that by the Platform fee.

Firstly, this is not a correct setup for charging a user an amount that would be equal to the Full Price of the JobOffer ‘PLUS’ the application fee (platform fee).

The math is not correct as what it is doing is multiplying the price by a percentage fee…it should be doing that math first and then adding the JobOffer price back into it.

Job Offer Price = $100
Platform fee = 15%

Job offer price * platform fee = $15

Should be

(Job offer price * platform fee) + Job Offer price = $115

Seems like your platform fee of 15% is getting applied to a job offer price of $1.13

Other thing that is incorrect about this in my view is the need to do a search for a ‘variable’ that is the platform fee. That platform fee percent should be an option set in my view as you don’t need to perform a search and a platform fee is definitely not something the user would be creating and instead would be set by the Platform Owner.

Another issue that might be happening is that the conversion from numbers in your bubble app to an integer accepted by Stripe is not happening.

Stripe needs it as cents, Bubble saves it as number.

Bubble DB entry is saved as 10 which is equal to $10
Stripe needs it to be 10*100 to be 1,000 cents

The proper approach for considering this fact is again an option set that you can easily call on to help with the math for conversion. I do this in my apps.

Money is to convert prices to cents and to convert cents back to dollars. Date is to convert date numbers from Stripe (seconds) into date values for Bubble (milliseconds). Conversions like this are necessary to ensure proper charges applied but for the date to enable pagination and sorting based on date and displaying it to your user in their timezone.

If you are interested in getting complete control over your Stripe Integration and have a full understanding of how it should operate, you may be interested in my Stripe Integration Course.

It covers everything you would need to know and more, from the APIs (I know they are already setup in your app), Shopping Cart for multiple products, Pagination, Subscriptions, backend workflows, webhooks and more.

I have things setup for Stripe payments properly in this freelancer template of mine that you may consider looking into.

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Thanks for this great information. i will let Zeroqode have a look at this and update and then run some further tests. You are right it is not set up correctly.

@ZeroqodeSupport @levon still having this issue within the app. Would be great if you could have a look at the above comments from @boston85719

thanks @boston85719

Hello, @Fiano
Thanks for using our template :pray:

As we can see from the error, which you have shared at the beginning of this thread, the error is related to the amount you trying to convert:

The pop-up alert says you were trying to charge 0.17 $, however, it is not allowed by Stripe (this amount is too small).
So, you should convert at least 0.50$ ( or its equivalent).

Also, as you can see, in our template we are using the next settings for the same action:

The formula in our workflow is the correct one and it differs from yours. Moreover, the issue is related to the amount of converted money.

Please check it and let us know about your result.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team